Tax Services

Tax Refund Process

Maximum Tax Refund. Minimum Hassle.

We know that completing your tax return and getting your tax refund can be a stressful and time consuming process. We’re here, with our industry leading expertise, tools and processes, to take as much of this burden away as possible.

With over 25 years experience we can guide you through the experience step by step to make sure you get the maximum tax refund with the minimum hassle.

Typically, our clients progress through the following steps:

Collect together all your tax documents and required information – see checklist

Come in to meet with a Tax Consultant, who is matched to your needs, for a thorough interview to determine all income, deductions and rebates. This usually takes around 45-60 minutes and then your Tax Consultant will complete your return and explain the tax refund result.

Review your return and the anticipated tax refund with your Tax Consultant at the end of your appointment.

Once you’re happy with your tax return as completed, you can pay for your tax preparation straight away or, for added convenience, choose to have the fee deducted from your tax refund and the remainder deposited directly into your bank account. Our highly competitive fee includes year round support and is fully tax deductible.

We will supply you with any record cards that may help your tax situation for the following year.

The ATO will send you a Notice of Assessment with a confirmation of the amount of the tax refund or payable. The ATO advises that most refunds for tax returns lodged electronically will be paid within 12 business days.